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Well, I moved away from Octopress to.. Jekyll. Oh why would I do something like that you might ask. Wasn’t Octopress created to make Jekyll more bearable you might say. Truth is that I had too much problems with it, nothing worked without fighting. Especially annoying thing was that Octopress was supposed to be platform for easy technical writing but none of the included source code sharing plugins worked. Oh joy.

Second thing was that I actually wanted to make my blog look bit more personalised. This was made bit difficult by the fact that default Octopress theme has maybe most horrific templates that I have ever seen. Setting booleans in another layout so other layout template somewhere can conditionally render something else instead of original content. Doesn’t really sound like something any sane person would do. In short: almost all templates and scss-files had some kind of cross references or unneeded indirection which caused everything to break if you made even tiniest tweaks. So much extra complexity added for no value at all. It is static blog generator, nothing complex really.

So I started from clear table with Jekyll and in fraction of time I used to knife Octopress I got all this surrounding glory done. It might not be the most prettiest blog in the internet, but it is (quite) what I want. Even more importantly, it is really simple. Duct tape programmer inside me is very happy.