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I woke up last night to a neck pain that was so intense that I pretty much just wanted to grind my teeth or cry. First thought was to just lay still, find good position and continue sleeping, hoping that pain would ease with good position. Of course that didn’t work out. It turns out that every little move you make tends to move your neck as well, sending jolts of pain. In the end I just ate ibuprofen, smeared some Mobilat, waited them to take effect and then carefully did some stretching. Now in the morning neck and shoulders do still hurt quite a bit, but at least I am functional.

Weird thing is that this is first time I have felt a so pain intense that it made me desperate. Being half-sleep might have some contribution to level of pain felt, but I have experienced some injuries which should have felt worse than some neck pain. For example, sprained ankles, sprained stomach muscles and partially cut tendon in knee. Without forgetting those hideously painful migraines. Funny thing how pain intensifies if even smallest movements will trigger it.