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I got my first pull request accepted! Feeling awesome and etc, but most awesome thing is situation where I made that pull request.

I have always had some love affair with lisps (I have looked into common lisp, Scheme and Clojure), but never actually used them to build anything bigger than few line scripts. So I decided to redo one ruby http api library in Clojure. If it would go well, finishing project in Clojure would be an option

Well of course I needed http mock library, only one I found for clj-http is still version 0.3.0 and had one particularly annoying shortcoming: you had to know exact query parameter order if you wanted to mock response. Not quite ideal if you TDD. First I cursed, but decided to peek into code in Github and noticed that fix would actually be easy: fork, branch and couple lines of code later I had opened pull request. Great thing is that this bugfix was to project which language and tool ecosystem are still totally alien to me and I still managed to do it, mostly because access to code and means to contribute had so little friction.