occasionally ranting about programming, tech and life

My name is Iivari Äikäs, in Internet commonly known by an alias Orva. I am a programmer by trade, working at Reaktor. Some day I might even graduate from the University of Helsinki, where I am kind of studying computer science.

I tend to excited about bit lower level stuff like the kernel and browsers. Functional programming is also very close to my heart, that is why some might think there is some kind of split personality involved. Doesn't help that I occasionally delve into some web stuff too.

UEFI boot thoughts

There was a interesting post about uefi boot in lobsters. Particularly nice was the comparison of how the old style BIOS determines what is bootable versus how the UEFI system does it. Of course I...

Bad at being bad

A while ago I bumped into a old school project which might well be first “real” project I have done that involved other people. It is course project which I and couple other freshmen did...

Happy code

There is piece of code I have written, I use daily and which makes me a bit happier each time I run it. Actually it isn’t code, just small function in my .zshrc that ties...

Quality documentation

In this study period one of my courses is “Unix network programming” and first week course assignments were exercises to play around with syscalls and signal handling in C. Because it has been quite a...

No more octopress

Well, I moved away from Octopress to.. Jekyll. Oh why would I do something like that you might ask. Wasn’t Octopress created to make Jekyll more bearable you might say. Truth is that I had...

Pain and suffering

I woke up last night to a neck pain that was so intense that I pretty much just wanted to grind my teeth or cry. First thought was to just lay still, find good position...

First pull request

I got my first pull request accepted! Feeling awesome and etc, but most awesome thing is situation where I made that pull request. I have always had some love affair with lisps (I have looked...

Why I do TDD

While back we had conversation over beer about testing and why each of us think testing is useful (or not) tool in programmers arsenal. Most seemed to think that biggest benefit you get from writing...

Yet Another blog

I think I had like three blogs so far. This one has already more content than previous attempts.